About Us

We are Joe and Vivian and this is our story:

From January 2000 to April 2001, we embarked on a journey that changed our lives. We quit our corporate jobs in New York City, sold our belongings and traveled, with not much more than a large backpack, through 21 countries on six continents. The places we saw, the adventures we had and the people we met taught us one important lesson: we are all the same. Regardless of culture, religion, or economic status, we all want love and happiness for ourselves, family and friends as well as the the opportunity to lead productive important lives.

Besides our spiritual epiphanies, we also saw LOTS of great stuff and how they were made and distributed to the world. The seed for Global Home was planted.

Upon our return from this life-altering journey, we resumed our careers.(Joe as Executive Marketing Director of Vogue Magazine, Vivian as an art director with clients such as Assouline Publishing and Martha Stewart Omnimedia). Being in Manhattan on September 11, 2001, we realized that life was too short and our next adventure had to start immediately. We bought an old country house in Sullivan County, New York, fixed it up and got married there. We fell in love with country living and saw the chance to follow another dream. While living a quiet life in the country, we could hop around the world and curate the best & most interesting items in home design as a way to make a living.

That was when Global Home was born. Nestled in our small resort town in upstate New York, we began selling imported furniture and home decor from around the world. Our aim is to capture the feeling of what we discover during our travels and reinterpret it into an environment in which our customers can easily see how to incorporate it into their own homes. We sell a style that is internationally inspired yet fresh. We like to call it "Modern Exotic". 

In April 2015, we spread our wings and open our first shop in NYC. Come visit us in the Flatiron district while we embark on our next adventure.

Our design aesthetic is also available for hire. We have designed the country homes and apartments of many busy executives and celebrities who want our style for their homes. View our interior design portfolio by clicking here.  Enjoy.


Meet our incredible Global Home team. We would not be able to do this without them.



                                                                                                                                             In-Store Sales Associate    

Connie, a resident of Jeffersonville, the East Village in NYC, and sometimes Paris, discovered Global Home almost the first day they opened and has been a fan ever since.  Her background is editorial and theatrical.  Her series of World Classics  Performed in Part by Pets at the 6th Street  and Avenue B Garden is still critiqued in some circles. (Her life as an egg was short-lived, even though it occurred long before salmonella was an issue.)    



Bespoke Furniture Maker

Born and raised in Greenwich Village, Joncy designs and builds furniture for Global Home interior projects as well as New York's 'top drawer' from a barn in Callicoon Center.  Gardening, fishing and maintenance of his professional wiffle ball field consume his free time.




Hero On-call     

Hardly a day goes by at Global Home that doesn't involve a panicked phone call to former underwear model and Olympic table-tennis silver medal winner Cima B. Be it roof repair, tree removal, fine furniture making, a fireworks show or a sofa delivery, he has got it covered. An accomplished wood sculptor and competitive mountain biker, he somehow always finds time to help us out.