October 20, 2016


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Who Doesn't Love This Chair?

One of the most frequent requests from our design clients, particularly in The Catskills, is to develop a space to be more warm and cozy. Although each project is different, our go to item help fill this need is the vintage leather club chair. It works in most environments and instantly adds just the right element of warmth and sophistication. And it always looks like it’s been in the family for generations. Lately, we’ve really been loving layering the chair with a lush double-pelt sheepskin to really amp up the comfort. Once you’re in one of these set ups, you’ll never want to leave. Cue the crackling fire and well aged scotch.

Not only is the vintage leather club chair lovely to behold and comfortable, but it has an interesting history (if you’re design geeks like us). BTW, we swiped most of this from the website fauteuils-club-chairs.com

The leather club chair was originally made by French craftsmen and its inspiration goes back to England in the 19th century with the creation of the Chesterfield Sofa. Named as the ‘fauteuil confortable’, this piece didn’t take much time to become a design sensation. With a vegetable-tanned sheep's leather covering, the marks and defects in the skin are visible through the dye, making each chair unique. Furthermore, the incredibly fine grain gives the armchair a unique patina over time. French leather was renowned for its quality in the 19th century. Between six and eight skins are required to cover an armchair. They are applied wet, stretched as tightly as possible, and contract as they dry.

The description ‘club chair’ harkens back to the gentlemen's clubs in nineteenth century England where a man could go to get away from his household, and sink into a well-upholstered leather chair, relax with a drink and perhaps a cigar.  It’s important  to point out that before the the Club chair, chairs were not seen as an item of comfort but more as utilitarian. Beyond iconic, this vintage chair has become the most coveted chair in the world and has inspired many designers, from early 20th century masters Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, and Charlotte Perriand to Philippe Starck in the 1980’s and 1990’s with the creation of the Bubble Club.

Discover the best reproduction we’ve come across here: https://www.globalhomeny.com/products/vintage-leather-arnold-club-chair

and our favorite sheepskin layering piece here: https://www.globalhomeny.com/products/sheepskin-double-pelt-rugs

Also, check out this rug that goes so perfectly with this look:
September 17, 2016

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Musings About Architectural Digest

I must admit that when eternally-banged Amy Astley took over as Editor-in-Chief of design stalwart Architectural Digest, I wanted to NOT like her point of view. I thought that nobody could touch the talent and access of the living-legend Margaret Russell. I assumed that because Ms. Astley was so embedded in the Teen Vogue culture where she's elevated tween fashion and beauty for the past 13 years, that she could not have more than a pedestrian grasp of the Interior Design world. I thought that since we were coworkers when Teen Vogue was launched, that we should be capable of approximately the same things. Boy was I wrong!

In my opinion, each new issue of Architectural Digest with Amy Astley at the helm is better than the last. She showcases homes that do not necessarily conform to mainstream design trends, but demonstrate exceptional taste and an artistic eye. I love some of the homes featured in the most recent issue:

Jessica Chastain's apartment is in direct contrast to the minimalist vibe that has flooded the market in the past five years. Albeit a tad too reliant on Ralph Lauren Home furnishings, the feeling is traditional and luxe in a non-boring way. I spy a couple of pieces we sell here at Global Home in her sitting room below. 1.) The Ventana 2-Tier Chandelier by Jonathan Adler and  2.) The crinkly black Mansfield Stool $360 at GlobalHomeNY.com

Tastefully bucking the current cool-hued interiors trend, Jessica Chastain's living room is a vision in moss green and cherry.  Somehow, it manages to look current despite being entrenched in a very "Early 90's" color-scheme. AND, again, seeing ANOTHER of Global Home's favorites, the single version of the Triple Mombassa Bench.

Keep up the good work Ms. Astley!

August 18, 2016


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The Tale of Two Sofas


Shopping For a Sofa Can Be Daunting.
How does one make an educated decision when two sofas that look
almost exactly alike are priced thousands of dollars apart?
We can only compare it to buying a car. The real difference between Mercedes and Hyundai is not on the outside but what's under the hood.  
Check out this little diagram to explain
the difference what makes a sofa luxury and not. Then it's your call.

The difference between High and Low End Sofas

August 01, 2016


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Global Home on NBC Open House TV and NYC TAXI TV

As New Yorkers, it's a little surreal for us to be featured on NBC New York's Open House TV and Taxi TV in the back of thousands of NYC taxis. As a matter of fact, it's downright wonderful.

We're very proud of the project that is featured: an almost full-house redesign for a young family who moved from a two bedroom Manhattan apartment to a sprawling contemporary home along the Hudson River in Westchester County, NY.

The house definitely needed an update, and because the family was starting with almost a clean slate, we were free to mold the design almost from scratch. The end result was very well received not only by the homeowners, but later by Aspire Metro Magazine and most recently by NBC NY OPEN HOUSE TV.

Click Here To Watch the Segment


July 18, 2016


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Getting Exactly What You Want

We heard this alot with customers;
'Can I change the size...?' or 'Does it come in another color..."? We realized that our customer wanted to ability to create too. Since the customer is always right, at GHNY we put together the GLOBAL HOME Made to Order collection

So imagine building your very own sofa, sectional, chair, ottoman, bench, or bed is possible . . . exactly  the way you want it.Start by choosing your favorite from hundreds of frames. Customize the dimensions to the inch (if what you want). Choose from hundreds of fabrics and leathers, or you can even use your own. Then choose your firmness and fill.

There you have it. The upholstered piece you always wanted, exactly the way you want it. Highest quality, hand-crafted in the USA. Frames, suspension, and fill are guaranteed for life. All delivered at a price that compares to some of the made-elsewhere big box stores. Ask them about their quality and lifetime guarantee -- yeah, didn't think so.

"Who does that ?!?"  GLOBAL HOME . . . we do that.
watch the 30-second video below to see how it works.
To view our Made to Order Collection, click here.