PAINTING: Atomic-Gold #1

Sharon Molloy

Hand-painted artwork by Sharon Molloy that explores the interconnectiveness of all life. Done for The Visual Complexity Project which aims to visually map the patterns of information systems, be it cells or the World Wide Web. As an artist, Molloy creatively puts paint onto canvas to visually show her interpretation of the inner workings of an atom that is the foundation of all life.

‰Û¢ Edition of 1.

‰Û¢ Metallic Acrylic paint on board.

‰Û¢ Dimensions: 7"" square x .5"" D

‰Û¢ Please allow 2 weeks for in-stock delivery.

‰Û¢ If you have any further questions, please email us at or call us at 212.253.5352

Project DescriptionåÊ: ""My quest is to reveal how everything is interconnected. From the atom to the cell, to the body and beyond into society and the cosmos, there are underlying processes, structures and rhythms that are mirrored all around and permeate reality. I attempt to visualize 'the molecular process of revolution'; how one small thing leads to another and larger patterns emerge. I am interested in the parallels between laws of physics and the movements of people, between a political revolution and a spiritual one. Ultimately I am trying to present a view of reality that reflects our changing times. This work embraces the multiple, the network, the paradoxical and the idea that even the smallest gesture or event has significance, and the power to change everything"". SHARON MOLLOYåÊ

Sharon Molloy's work has been shown in galleries across London, New York, Tokyo, Oxford and San Francisco.åÊ

Born: Preston, UK
1995-97-MFA, San Fransisco Art Institute
1987-90- BFA, Winchester School of Art, UK

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