Aubrey Clad Mirror

Hand carved and clad in an antiqued brass sheet that is hammered in steps to reveal beautiful detailing. Convex mirror with wood framing. Inspired by the Broadhurst vintage floral wallpaper.

MATERIAL/FINISH: Iron, Wood, and Antique brass foil
DIMENSIONS: 36"Dia x 2"D

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    Global Home is excited to present the new furniture and home decor line inspired by Florence Broadhurst incredible design archives.
    Florence Maud Broadhurst, an influential designer, businesswoman, singer and banjolele player, was born on 28 July 1899 in Mungy Station Australia.
    Florence charisma and talent shone from an early age and took her out of the outback to the glamorous nightclubs of Asia. She spent the roaring twenties singing throughout the far east before settling in Shanghai where she ran a finishing school, offering classes such as violin, voice production, banjolele playing modern ballroom dancing, musical culture and journalism.

    She re-invented herself again In the 1930 when she becameÏMadame Pellie in London. She transformed into a stylish French fashion couturier for the rich and famous clients.
    After a couple of husbands and careers, she returned to Australia in the 1950 as an English aristocrat that dabbled in charitable fund-raising activities as well as becoming a painter of note.

    At the age of 60, she did it again by launching her defining design venture. She opened behind her auto-sales company, a luxury, hand- print wallpaper business, and in doing so, she redrew the world.She drew from her years of travel and life to create designs that were exquisite, fascinating and radical. Florence archive grew to over 500 designs ranging from tapestries to geometrics and florals.

    She was also a striking-looking woman, Florence was renowned for her flamboyant clothes, antique jewelry and coiffed, hennaed hair to her last days.

    In 1978 when she was brutally murdered a gruesome crime unsolved to this day. But Florence Broadhurst spirit could never be extinguished. The world is re-discovering her amazing vision. Global Home is proud to be one of the few showrooms in the US to bring her designs back into the public eye.

    Type: Mirrors

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