Dappled Beauty Wool/Silk Rug

Global Home

Looking to tribal patterns from around the world, the Global Series interprets the classic motifs into confections of hand-knotted wool and eco-friendly viscose. The contemporary range connects to a broad spectrum of styles, with a diverse palette from vibrant blue-greens and reds to sophisticated neutrals.

  • Design:åÊåÊ åÊWasabi
  • Color:åÊåÊ åÊCaribbean Sea
  • Construction:åÊåÊ åÊHand Knotted
  • Backing:åÊåÊ åÊNo
  • Pile Height:åÊåÊ åÊ2/7""
  • Knot Counts:åÊåÊ åÊ64 KPSI
  • Style:åÊåÊ åÊModern
  • Content:åÊåÊ åÊ100% Handcarded Wool
  • Origin:åÊåÊ åÊIndia
  • Pantone TPX:åÊåÊ åÊ16-4610, 16-5123, 17-1107, 12-5202, 15-1119
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for in-stock delivery.

(1) Your wool + silk and/or viscose rug will look great for year to come with proper care and vacuuming regularly.
(2) Never saturate or soak your wool + silk/viscose rug with water ‰ÛÒ this will damage the silk fibers, and potentially your floors.
(3) Use only cold water if necessary to avoid shrinkage.
(4) If spills occur blot immediately then with mild soap and cold water.
(5) Do not use oxygen cleaners on your wool or silk fibers.
(6) For best results periodic professional cleaning is recommended and encouraged to protect silk fibers.


""Inspired by faded textures in tribal patterns seen around the world but re0imagined in stunning color combinations, these hand-knotted wool and bamboo silk rugs are heirlooms in the making.

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