Golden Eagle Nomads, Kazakh No. 3

John Delaney

The Golden Eagle Nomads
""Fine horses and fierce eagles are the wings of the Kazakhs"" Kazakh Proverb

Striking photographs by John Delaney seek to document the vanishing Kazakh Nomads of Mongolia. Known also as Golden Eagle Riders for taming majestic eagles with over 7 foot wingspans, the Kazakh's nomadic way of life is in danger of being eradicated. These incredible photos capture a dying tradition where Man and Eagle's symbiotic hunting relationship is essential to the survival of the entire tribe through the harsh Siberian winters.

  • 16"" x 20""
  • Toned Gelatin-Silver Print
  • 2008, Limited edition of 24.

My personal project has been to document these vanishing nomads before they and their traditions are lost forever. I have had the opportunity to live with their families. To ride, hunt and eat and drink at their tables, and I will forever be changed by the experience. The Kazakh nomads of Mongolia have warmly welcomed me and I am honored to have observed and shared their way of life in such an intimate and personal manner.åÊ -John Delaney

John Delaney lives and works in New York City.åÊ He is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2008 IPA/Lucie ‰ÛÏDiscovery of the Year Award.‰Û? He worked closely with Richard Avedon as a studio assistant for three years and then as Avedon‰Ûªs master printer for 15 years, producing such shows as the 2002 Metropolitan Museum Portraits retrospective and the 1994 Whitney Museum Evidence exhibition. Delaney has also printed major exhibitions and books for Irving Penn, Bruce Davidson, Patrick Demarchelier, Steven Klein and Annie Leibovitz, among others. Solo exhibitions of his own work include shows at the Photo-eye Gallery in Santa Fe , Farmani Gallery in NYC, the Su Palatu Museum in Sardinia, and Wave Gallery in Milan, Italy . In 2012 Delaney received his Masters in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts.

2012-- Masters of Digital Photography, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
1988--Bachelors in Fine Art Photography, Rochester Institute of Technology,

My love of photography began when I discovered Irving Penn's Worlds in a Small Room. Penn's work, as well that of Bruce Davidson, sparked my creative imagination. I attended Rochester Institute of Technology where I was taught the science and history of photography, and then a late-in-life Masters of Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts . But my real education was at the Richard Avedon Studio. I started as his studio assistant then eventually became his master printer. For 15 years I observed his passion, intelligence and meticulous craftsmanship, something I strive to emulate in my own process. My Avedon education opened the door to working with my original heroes, Irving Penn and Bruce Davidson, who also inspire me, but in different ways: Mr. Penn for his wide range and love for the exquisite print; Davidson for the way he immerses himself in his subject, instilling trust; and Avedon with his intense preparation and skillful cajoling, getting behind the ""masks"" of his subjects.åÊ -John Delaney

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