Sheepskin Bolster Pillow

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Our Sheepskin Bolster Pillows bring soft coziness and luxury to your home. Besides being surprisingly affordable, sheepskinåÊalso has other amazing qualities to cuddle up to:åÊåÊ

  • Sheepskin Properties:
    • heat and moisture regulation: staysåÊwarm in cool conditions and cool in warm conditions
    • flame resistance: flame retardant up to 600å¼ C
    • odoråÊsuppression: natural oils are resistent to cooking smells and household odours
    • stain resistance: fibers retain a natural oil that resists dirt and grease. Very easy to care for
    • shape retention:åÊfibers bend and recover their shape naturally, retaining their lush bounce.
    • hypoallergenic:åÊdoesn‰Ûªt cause allergies
    • sustainable product: our skins from Australia and New ZealandåÊare the products of sustainable farming practices and biodegrade.
  • Crafted from premium quality New Zealand and Australian sheepskin
  • Dimensions: 22"" W x 11"" H
  • Backed in flax linen
  • Colors Available: Ivory, Linen, Taupe, Vole, Steel and Black*
  • Bright colors also available. Please contact us for availability
  • Please allow for 2-3 weeks for in-stock delivery
  • at 212.253.5352.

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