Stone Knit Wool Rug

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Imagine your favorite chunky sweater made into the most thick, warm wool rug. Our collection of Nordic Chunk Rugs are the coziest wool flooring we have found. Your toes will thank you every time they step on it.""åÊBlanket your floor with this un-dyed wool for cozy comfort.

  • Design:åÊåÊ åÊNida
  • Color:åÊåÊ åÊNatural Gray
  • Construction:åÊåÊ åÊTextured
  • Backing:åÊåÊ åÊNo
  • Pile Height:åÊåÊ åÊFlat
  • Style:åÊåÊ åÊSolids/Textures/Shags
  • Content:åÊåÊ åÊ100% Wool
  • Origin:åÊåÊ åÊIndia
  • Pantone TPX:åÊåÊ åÊ12-0404, 16-4402, 19-0303
  • Very Popular item. Please call for availability
  • Please allow for 2-3weeks for in-stock delivery
  • at 212.253.5352åÊ

åÊRug Care:

(1) Wool is dirt and stain resistant and will look great for a long time just by vacuuming regularly.
(2) Use only cold water when cleaning wool to avoid shrinkage.
(3) If spills occur blot immediately then with mild soap and cold water.
(4) Do not use oxygen cleaners on your wool rug.
(5) Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.
(6) For best results periodic professional cleaning is recommended.

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