One of the best things about our jobs is that we develop wonderful relationships with our clients. As they go through their life journeys, often they take us for the ride. We designed this couple's first NYC apartment after their cross-country relocation. They transformed themselves into true New Yorkers, immersing themselves in all of the city's cultural riches. Realizing there was more to life than the concrete jungle, they purchased a weekend get-away in the famed East Hampton area of Long Island. They asked us to transform this airy plain house into a home that was eclectic and fun, reflecting the fun and joy they both live their lives. We pushed design conventions and created a truly unique weekend home.

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Main Bedroom-East Hampton

Living Room 2-East Hampton

Living Room-East Hampton

Den 2-East Hampton

Den-East Hampton

Dining Room-East Hampton

Guestroom-East Hampton

Basement Bathroom-East Hampton

Basement Bathroom-East Hampton

Guest Bathroom

Detail2-Main Bedroom-East Hampton
Detail-Guest Room-East HamptonDetail2-Guest Room-East Hampton
Detail-Living Room-East HamptonDetail2-Living Room-East Hampton
Dining Room-East Hampton